LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — A Lakewood man who was searching for the owner of a beautiful and valuable 2005 ring found in a parking lot at Wadsworth Boulevard and Jewell Avenue, confirmed the rightful owner had been found on April 7.

William Raihl told FOX31 he discovered the ring on Sunday, April 2, on the ground near Ace Hardware and Arc Thrift.

“My wife said, ‘Hey, there’s something shiny over there. You better go check that out,” Raihl said.

The heavy gold ring features an emerald surrounded by diamonds. It bears the words “Chris” and “Rugby” on one side and “Bears” on the other.

“It means something to someone. I said, yeah, we’ve got a find the rightful owner,” Raihl said.

Who owns this ring?

After cleaning and photographing the ring, Raihl conducted a search for the owner.

“I was poring over Google searches and classes and everything trying to find the owner. We’ve just not been able to connect this ring with any individual,” Raihl said.

Raihl told the Problem Solvers the ring has a special inscription on the inside that only the owner would know.