DENVER (KDVR) – Juan Rodriguez tells FOX31 he is losing thousands of dollars as his business truck sits on a repair lot. He said his insurance and the repair business are both to blame.

“Trying to keep my head above water now I haven’t had my truck for four months,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez told FOX31 he was driving through a parking lot near 120th Ave. and Washington St. on January 30, when he struck a concrete stump that had been broken.

Now, all this time later, his truck has still not been repaired, all while sitting in a lot, racking up storage fees to the tune of $45 a day. Additionally, Rodriguez has been forced to turn down jobs that have resulted in $10,000 in lost businesses.

“Mechanics don’t want to work on it, there’s a large storage fee, and I still have to pay a $1000 deductible for when the truck‘s fixed, so I feel that it’s just being handled wrong,” he said.

The Problem Solvers reached out to State Farm, which provided us with the following statement:

“While we cannot speak to the specifics of this claim due to our customer privacy policy, I can share that we have been in communication with our customer, the body shop and the division of insurance. It is up to the customer to choose where to have their vehicle repaired and what repairs are made.”

FOX31 also contacted the auto repair shop, which agreed to reduce the storage fees.

State Farm told FOX31 that every driver should make sure to fully understand what will be covered by their auto policy, the timeframe involved when it comes to repairs, and exactly how things will be handled in the case of a delay.