AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — An attorney for Preston Nunn is preparing for a lawsuit against the City of Aurora and its police department in the amount of $10 million.

This is all over what Nunn’s attorney calls an unlawful arrest. Body camera video from back in May of 2021 showed Nunn during a traffic stop, which escalated into a violent arrest, injuring him.

FOX31 talked to Nunn about that night and that potential lawsuit, which could be filed as soon as next week.

‘He had no guns, no weapons’

Nunn painfully recalled the incident when police pulled him over after they say he drove into the officers’ lane, nearly hitting them with his car as they were conducting a separate traffic stop.

“[I’m] traumatized still. I’ll never forget the incident or what happened to me,” Nunn said.

Officers said Nunn wouldn’t comply with their orders, but in a new mediation letter, Nunn’s attorney claims the officers’ version of events from that night were fabricated and says the arrest was unlawful and officer conduct was outrageous.

“It escalated so fast,” Nunn said, adding that the officer “didn’t let me provide what he was asking for.”

Man on the ground being detained
Preston Nunn is seen being detained by Aurora police on May 15, 2021. (Photo credit: Aurora Police Department)

Alvertis Simmons is Nunn’s godfather and a local civil rights activist.

“Why did they treat this man in this fashion? He had no guns, no weapons. He was being responsive,” Simmons said.

He added that night should have never happened, but because it did, accountability is needed.

Officer is back on patrol after Nunn arrest

The mediation letter also states Nunn suffered physical injuries, is receiving ongoing medical care and treatment and is dealing with emotional distress.

“It’s still hard for me to even talk about it or explain it how I want to explain, because it was wrong,” Nunn said.

On Friday, the City of Aurora confirmed it has received the mediation letter but declined to comment further.

FOX31 reported earlier this year the officer involved was the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation and is now back on patrol.