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DENVER — Family and friends are searching for a man who went missing Friday after leaving a nightclub in Denver.

Adam Gilbertson, 29, was last seen leaving Syntax Physic Opera at 554 S. Broadway just before 1 a.m. Friday.

Adam Gilbertson was last seen on Friday morning leaving Syntax Physic Opera

Gilbertson is described as 5-foot-11, about 160 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a black button-down shirt.

Family and friends have flown in from Minnesota to help try to find him, and said his cellphone has been shut off and attempts to reach him have been unsuccessful.

They say this is not something he would do.

Family members say his keys were found inside his apartment and that a side door had been left unlocked.

“The apartment door was unlocked. His keys were on the counter and he has been missing for three days,” said Gilbertson’s cousin, Shannon Saesan.

Gilbertson’s family knocked on doors and hung up missing person flyers all over the Denver area.

“He’s friendly, kind, caring, thoughtful. He’s everybody’s best friend, truly everyone loves and adores him,” Saesan said. “He’s a nurse at a local hospice center.”

On Sunday, family and friends used every ounce of daylight to search for Gilbertson. They combed through neighborhoods, and scanned creeks and rivers looking for any sign of him.

“We’re looking for any bit of evidence. I know he had a winter hat on and we know what coat he was wearing,” Gilbertson’s sister, Amy Linnell, said.

Surveillance cameras captured Gilbertson putting on his coat while talking to the bouncer at Charlie’s Nightclub Denver at 900 E. Colfax Ave., but he left alone.

His family said he then called a Lyft and made an interesting statement to the driver.

“We spoke with the Lyft driver and he said that Adam told him that he had a bad night and was being harassed, and that’s the last thing we know,” Saesan said.

The family has filed a missing persons report with the Denver Police Department and created a website to help in their search. 

“I’m really scared,” Linnell said. “It’s very suspicious — and nothing is like Adam.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 720-913-2000.