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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. (KDVR) — A guest at a Denver-area hotel is sharing the story of a snake trying to make its way into the room, crawling out of the toilet.

“I walked past the bathroom and I looked and there was a snake coming out of the toilet,” said Scott Lange.

Lange saw the snake during his stay at the Best Western Plus Denver Tech Center Hotel in late November.

“It was about a foot out of the toilet when I [saw] it, and the toilet was closed and it was still trying to come up on out of it,” he said.

Lange did not provide pictures of the snake.

“Everybody asks me why didn’t I video camera or take pictures, well that wasn’t my first concern when I see a snake come out of the toilet,” he said.

The hotel management told FOX31 a staff member quickly called police. Greenwood Village police confirmed the snake was removed and taken to a safe place.

“He grabbed it by the tail, water was just pouring from it, it was waterlogged,” Lange said.

The hotel provided Lange with another room for the remainder of his stay. Lange said he deserved more of an apology since the incident caused him great inconvenience and distress.

The big question, how did the snake get into the plumbing system? The FOX31 Problem Solvers learned abandonment of exotic animals is becoming more common.

Parker Exotic Pets owner Kristen Gupton said what happened to the snake is cruel and a form of abuse committed by the person who likely dumped the snake at the hotel.

“It may not be like a dog or a cat that’s furry, but it’s still a living animal. It deserves some respect. They still have emotions” Gupton said.

The exotic animal expert receives several calls each week from those looking to find someone to foster their snakes.

“People looking to re-home snakes or to surrender snakes, and pet stores and animal shelters are definitely a much better option,” she said.

Greenwood Village said, “We very rarely deal with snakes and other reptiles in Greenwood Village.”

When the owner is not present or identified, police attempt to place them with a local veterinary health care provider or other foster organization.

Police advise anyone who encounters a snake or anything else that could be dangerous to contact authorities and not try to handle the situation on their own.