Man allegedly exposes himself to 2nd graders on Aurora playground

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AURORA, Colo. — A man reportedly exposed himself at the playground at Iowa Elementary School in Aurora on Wednesday.

“I was extremely angry. I was livid. I was beyond myself. I was like, ‘Why is this happening?'” said Cathy Morgan, the mother of a second grader at the school.

Morgan’s son Quincy was at recess when, according to police, a man walked onto the playground, took off his shirt and mooned the school.

“My son said he wasn’t so afraid because he could run away fast. And that broke my heart. My 7-year-old son shouldn’t be saying that at recess. He should be enjoying playing on the playground and not worrying about some man coming onto his playground and scaring him,” said Morgan.

Aurora Public Schools says they don’t believe the man intentionally exposed himself, telling FOX31 he had two shirts on and appeared to be trying to remove just one, but accidentally took them both off.

They claim he also happened to be wearing baggy pants, which is why part of his buttocks were exposed.

“It doesn’t matter. In my eyes, he should have been approached before making it to the middle of the playground. He should have never made it that far,” Morgan said.

Morgan is more concerned about what happened next. The man took off and recess continued. The students moved to another area of the playground.

“You should not take a chance ever. They 100 percent, without a doubt, should have been on lockdown until they knew he was not a threat. And they didn’t know that and chanced it,” Morgan said.

APS did release the following statement regarding what happened, saying security was brought in to monitor students at recess for the rest of the day:

“Student safety is our top priority in Aurora Public Schools. As soon as Iowa staff members saw the stranger entering school grounds, they demanded he leave. He did not attempt to interact with any students. He left school grounds immediately after staff approached. Staff then called APS Security and Aurora Police. As a precaution, security officers stayed at Iowa for the rest of school recesses. Our focus remains on working with parents to address their concerns. Once again, student safety is our top priority.”

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