ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A man was convicted of second-degree murder for the death of former University of Colorado Boulder football player Anthony “TJ” Cunningham three years ago.

Back on February 17, 2019, the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a passerby about a man bleeding in the parking lot at Eaglecrest High School. When deputies arrived, they found Cunningham had been shot.

According to ACSO, Cunningham was transported to a local hospital where he passed away the next day.

ACSO said at the time deputies were responding to Cunningham at Eaglecrest, dispatchers received a call from a man named Marcus Johnson who claimed he had shot Cunningham. Johnson said he shot Cunningham because he had been attacked earlier in the day.

According to ACSO, Johnson and Cunningham were neighbors who had an ongoing dispute over a parking spot on a public street near their home. Prior to the shooting, ACSO said the two had taunted each other in the street before agreeing to resolve the issue in the parking lot at Eaglecrest High.

Once at the school, Cunningham was shot twice in the head and chest.

“This defendant arranged a fight and showed up to the Eaglecrest High School parking lot with a gun,” Chief Deputy DA Andrew Steers said. “This was not a case of self-defense. Johnson made the choice to end a petty dispute with violence.”

At 1:30 p.m. Thursday, a jury found Johnson guilty of second-degree murder.

“A life was taken over a minor neighborhood parking issue,” District Attorney John Kellner said. “This defendant tried to portray himself as a victim, but there’s no way to justify why a man had to lose his life over a parking spot disagreement.”

Johnson will be sentenced on Dec. 2. He faces a maximum of 48 years in prison.