DENVER (KDVR) — A family tragedy in Denver left one brother dead and the other in jail accused of murder.

Denver police said on the night of April 24, Francisco Alonzo hit Geremias Alonzo Chan with his vehicle after the two got into a fight in the area of South Federal Boulevard and West Arkansas Avenue.

Alonzo then took off on foot and Alonzo Chan died at the scene. Alonzo was arrested a day later by police.

On Thursday, FOX31 partners at Univision Colorado spoke with Alonzo Chan’s wife. Maria Dolores said the two men were brothers. She does not know what triggered their fight that night but does know alcohol was involved.

Dolores said her family is devastated by the loss.

“He was a marvelous person. He was good to me. I have two daughters who weren’t his, but he always helped me with them. He loved them like they were his own,” Dolores said.

The couple also recently had a baby who is just months old. Although scared, she said she will be in court Friday morning when Alonzo has a hearing.

According to Denver Police, Alonzo is facing several charges including first-degree murder and leaving the scene of an accident involving death.