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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A man has been charged with attempted murder and a hate crime for allegedly stabbing another man after yelling “Black lives matter” in Aurora on Tuesday.

According to a statement of support of warrantless arrest from the Aurora Police Department, 30-year-old Steve Anthony Sinclair is charged with attempted first-degree murder and bias-motivated crime.

The APD document states that at about 6 p.m. Tuesday, Officer Alexander Diz was dispatched to 16305 E. Alameda Pl. on a report of a fight in which one person had been stabbed.

When Diz arrived, Sinclair, who is Black, started approaching the officer. According to Diz, Sinclair had blood on his hands and chest.

Sinclair allegedly walked toward Diz while saying “Black lives matter.” The officer repeatedly asked Sinclair to sit on the curb but he refused, according to the document.

Sinclair admitted to stabbing the victim — a 29-year-old white man — and called himself a “psychopath,” the document states.

According to Diz, Sinclair repeatedly asked him if Black lives mattered.

After at least one other officer arrived at the scene, Diz threatened to tase Sinclair, who was still not following orders, according to the document.

“(Sinclair) insisted that we should shoot him, and then advised us to tase him,” Diz stated.

More officers arrived at the scene and Sinclair was placed into handcuffs without incident.

Diz said he spoke with multiple witnesses.

One witness said Sinclair threatened to kill the victim and his dog. The victim reportedly tried to run away from Sinclair and defend himself with a stick. However, Sinclair allegedly stabbed him in the side.

A different APD officer spoke with the victim, who said that Sinclair shouted “Black lives matter” prior to stabbing him.

The victim was taken to a hospital and treated for his injuries, which included a collapsed lung.