AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A 20-year-old man was arrested Thursday morning in the deadly shooting of a man on Interstate 70 last week.

Jeremy Jacob Rocha is facing a charge of first-degree murder and four counts of attempted first-degree murder after he allegedly shot and killed John Jaros on June 18. Rocha was allegedly one of several cars street racing when the shooting happened.

Jaros, 37, was traveling with his wife and three children when police believe street racers fired those shots.

“There were four cars that were racing in that particular area, and several cars were behind them as they were doing that racing,” Aurora Police Lt. Bob Wesner said.

An arrest affidavit said street racers were slowing down traffic. At one point the document said the racers may have been “brake checked” by Jaros.

“This is not recreational fun when you are shutting down highways…dangerous behavior so we will continue to try to deal with street racing,” Aurora Police Commander Rob McGregor said.

Jaros’ wife told officers “she heard at least four shots.”

After the shooting, Jaros’ wife climbed over the console of the truck, put it in neutral and guided it to the shoulder avoiding a crash or going off the road.

Most of the evidentiary pictures in the affidavit were redacted. One that was not, shows a fuzzy image of what appears to be a gas station where the street racers had gathered.

The gun used in this shooting has been connected to at least two other shootings. Investigators said two of its shell casings were found in the back of Jaros’ pickup.

Jaros was from Glen Haven and was the assistant fire chief there, which is a small town near Estes Park with a “tight-knit” community. This loss rocked the entire town and the volunteer firefighter family as well. 

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