DENVER (KDVR) — A man was arrested Saturday afternoon after he allegedly beat another man with a stick in Boulder.

The City of Boulder said in a press release that police responded at approximately 1:30 p.m. to a report of a man who had been “badly beaten with a stick and was bleeding from his head.”

It happened near Junction Pl. and Goose Creek Path. BPD said the caller was at the scene with the suspect waiting for police to arrive.

First responders immediately provided first aid and transported the victim to the hospital, where BPD said he was being treated for serious head injuries.

The suspect, identified as Derek Jordan, 43, did not flee the scene and was arrested when police arrived. BPD said Jordan is believed to be part of Boulder’s unhoused community. He is charged with first-degree assault and first-degree assault of an at-risk adult.

Police are still investigating the sequence of events that led up to the alleged attack. BPD said it deployed victim’s advocate services to meet the injured man at the hospital to provide additional care, comfort and resources.

BPD asks that anyone who witnessed anything related to the incident to call the non-emergency dispatch number at 303-441-3333.