LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — Three people involved in a deadly shooting had a fight with a 28-year-old man who was killed over money he allegedly owed for drugs, according to an affidavit.

Luke Clayton was with three friends around 2 a.m. when he received a phone call and went outside. He returned to the apartment bloody and said he had been “tased” and jumped by two women, the affidavit said.

Just before 2:50 a.m., Clayton and his friends heard a loud noise and went to check it out. When he opened the door, a man tried to punch him and they fought out in front of the apartment. The man was with two women, according to the document, and a gun ended up on the ground during the tussle.

Clayton and the man wrestled for the gun, and the man ended up getting control of it and shooting Clayton twice in the back. The affidavit says the man pointed the gun at Clayton and said “that’s what he gets for hitting a woman” and then pointed the gun at Clayton’s friend.

Clayton’s friend ran off, as did the man and two women after the shooting.

Police found Clayton on the sidewalk where he was pronounced dead and investigators discovered two 9mm casings near his body. The coroner confirmed injuries on Clayton’s body to match those from a stun-gun device.

An investigation into the shooting uncovered that Darla Rodriguez, 29, Felicia Cruz, 34, and Adam Vilders, 37, were allegedly involved and have been arrested.

Surveillance video showed a white Cadillac driving around the area between 2:04 a.m. and 2:53 a.m. when the altercation and shooting occurred. The affidavit states that the car was registered to Vilders, but had been associated with Rodriguez and that Cruz was driving, all of whom live together.

All three suspects are being held at the Arapahoe County Jail.