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BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A man is now facing charges related to his mother’s death almost one year after the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office found her decomposing remains inside her home.

Last year, on Aug. 28, 78-year-old Karen Apprill’s body was found inside her home on Bosque Court. The sheriff’s office was called there after she and her son, who acted as a caretaker, had not been heard from in a week while he was in the hospital.

It is believed she had been dead for 7-10 months and while her body was in advanced stages of decomposition, an autopsy showed trauma that had been caused both before and after her death.

How she died has not been determined, but her son, Jeffery Apprill, is facing multiple charges related to her death.

  • Tampering with a Deceased Human Body, a class three felony
  • Criminal Exploitation of an At Risk Person (more than $500), a class three felony
  • At Risk Negligence Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury, a class five felony
  • Caretaker Neglect Against an At-Risk Person, a class one misdemeanor
  • Concealing a Death, a class one misdemeanor

The sheriff’s office said statements and physical evidence helped investigators determine probable cause to arrest Jeffrey.