DENVER (KDVR) — A man accused of child sexual assault incidents in Denver and Aurora has been arrested, the Denver Police Department said.

Joseph Spector, 44, allegedly “forcibly fondled” a girl at the Denver International Airport on July 7 and another girl at Lava Island, located at 452 N. Sable Blvd., on Sept. 6, DPD said.

An arrest warrant was issued on Sept. 6 following an investigation including an interview with the girl’s mother and surveillance video from DIA that identified Spector as the suspect.

He was taken into custody for investigation of sexual assault – fondling of a child the same day the other assault allegedly occurred. He’s also now facing charges of sexual assault on a child from that incident in Aurora.

Aurora Police said the place in the city where Spector is accused of committing the crime is an amusement center.

“A family went there for the day and a young girl was forcibly fondled by a man named Joseph Spector,” Sgt. Faith Goodrich, with the Aurora Police Department, said.

Suspect may have committed more crimes

Investigators in Aurora had been on this case since Sept. 6.

“During their investigation, they found that Denver had a very similar case that occurred at the end of July at Denver International Airport,” Goodrich said.

Spector is in custody but the case is being built against him for these charges.

Spector has been accused in two cities, but police in Aurora said there may well be potentially more cases in other areas.

“This man’s behavior was very brazen and he does seem to have a pattern, so we are concerned that there may be more victims,” Goodrich said.

“He has committed a crime in Denver and in Aurora but it could have been anywhere in the Denver metro area or even outside of the Denver metro area,” Goodrich said.

Police believe Spector may have other victims as a pattern of sexual abuse of children and ask anyone with information on either of the two incidents or if they wish to report an incident to contact the department in the city the assault occurred: Denver Police at 720-913-6040 or Aurora Police Department at 303-627-3100.