ELIZABETH, Colo. (KDVR) — Things are looking up for a small town with mail delivery issues stemming as far back as August of last year.

The city spent over $200,000 to buy cluster mailboxes to help, which went unused. This lack of mail delivery has been affecting about half of their residents.

After many emails and phone calls from the Problem Solvers, residents and the city, things are moving forward and these boxes are finally going to get used.

The U.S. Postal Service is working with Elizabeth to finally get mail delivered to the cluster boxes.

Elizabeth Mayor Nick Snively said “we recently got news that they’re gonna start delivering to those new cluster boxes, saving our residents money every year from having to pay for their current P.O. boxes. Saving them from having to go into the post office every single day.”

This, coming after frustration from the city and residents though, the boxes being built to help offset the cost residents have paid for P.O. boxes, due to lack of delivery in the majority of the town.

“We spent a lot of money on it but it’s also we had promised our residents that this is going to be something that we are going to do for them and it was frustrating, to say the least, for a long time that we weren’t able to fulfill that and to see that come through yeah it’s very exciting,” Snively said.

Even with the cluster boxes aside, the issue still remained that residents were having to pay for P.O. boxes. When in fact, the Problem Solvers’ previous investigation found that wasn’t supposed to be happening. According to the USPS website, “A P.O. box may be available for no fee, in specific situations, for those who are not eligible for home delivery.”

But now, there’s a solution there too for those who don’t fall into the cluster box category. Snively said, “The plan is they will be able to get a post office box through the post office but they won’t have to pay for that any longer and that is an ongoing thing that we are still having conversations with the post office about.”

The logistics of it all will take some time, setting those residents up with the boxes. The post office confirmed mail will be delivered within the next six months if not sooner.