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DENVER — Ride-sharing company Lyft has partnered with the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Marijuana Industry Group in an effort to have fewer impaired drivers on the state’s roads on Saturday, April 20, also known as 4/20. Lyft is offering a $4.20 discount on rides anywhere in Colorado that day.

“This 4/20, we’re encouraging those taking part to plan ahead with a Lyft ride as we continue to work towards safer streets and communities,” Gabe Cohen, general manager of Lyft Rockies Region, said in a press release.

A recent study found that crashes are up as much as 6 percent in Colorado, Washington and Oregon, compared with neighboring states that haven’t legalized recreational use of marijuana.

Other research has found that in a small sample of drivers who used weed before driving, they had slower thinking and perceptual skills.

“It’s our community partnerships with organizations like Lyft that help us keep drivers safe during large-scale celebrations like 4/20,” Sam Cole, CDOT safety communications manager, said in the press release. “And we hope during busy nights and weekends like this, all people who choose to celebrate plan ahead and use a safe, reliable ride option to get where they need to go.”

Download the discount by using promo code “420CO19” or by going to Lyft’s website.

The discount is being offered in several other North American locations, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston and Toronto.