DENVER (KDVR) — Who wants to be a millionaire? If someone wins the Mega Millions drawing it will be the highest jackpot in the game’s history.

That record-setting jackpot is at a whopping $810 million. If someone from Colorado wins Tuesday, it would be the first time someone in Colorado has won the Mega Millions jackpot.

There are ways to win lesser prizes as well, which Colorado residents have won before, just never the jackpot.

Where are the luckiest locations in our state?

According to the Colorado Lottery website, these numbers are just for the Mega Million games in the last six months:

Is your lucky number really lucky?

According to the Colorado lottery, here’s a look at which numbers have been drawn the most in the Mega Millions game in the last six months:

Colorado Lottery CEO Tom Seaver has some tips as well.

“So even if you play and you don’t win, also make sure to check your numbers because there are nine levels of prizes and Mega Millions so even if you don’t win the jackpot, and you hear the jackpot’s been won, don’t just throw away your ticket, make sure you check it for the other numbers that you could win,” said Tom Seaver, Colorado Lottery director.

Also, whichever retailer sells the winning ticket, they get a commission as well. So a lot of local business owners are crossing their fingers this morning as well.

“So my advice would be to make sure you play no more than an hour, no less than an hour before the clock. Just the lines, you don’t want to get in line and not make the cut-off. Like I said the drawing is at 9 o’clock mountain time. So I would say make sure to try to get your ticket before 8 o’clock. That way you’re not cutting it too close,” Seaver said.

Just 26 states have won Mega Millions jackpots. Since Colorado still hasn’t won a jackpot, which states are the luckiest?

StateJackpots Won 
New York40
New Jersey22
According to Jack Pocket

Additionally, Colorado Lottery funds go to parks in our state so that’s even more of a reason to play. The next drawing is Tuesday at 9 p.m.