Low fireworks inventory could create sales dud

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DENVER (KDVR) — What was predicted to be a banner year for fireworks sales could turn out to be a dud because fireworks inventory is at a record low.

The Gravison family is shopping early this year at Olde Glory Fireworks in Denver. The children are not kids in a candy shop, but to them a fireworks store is the next best thing. 

While the shelves look stocked, owner Aeron Calkins knows better.

“Well, it’s a bad thing,” he said.

Calkins said inventory is down all across the country. At his store, it’s almost 50% below normal.

“We literally don’t have the product to sell, so we can’t generate the revenue that we would hope for,” said Calkins.

The COVID-19 lockdowns, combined with a bottle jam of ships at the Suez Canal when the Ever Given got jammed, and workers strikes here in the U.S. are taking the bang out of business. 

“This is such low levels that we literally might not have enough product to survive next year,” said Calkins.

Calkins says he has about $1 million of fireworks, out there on the ocean, just floating. 

“Well, we will receive it at some point, whether it’s in the next two weeks or the next six months,” said Calkins.

What was supposed to be a banner year for sales in the industry could turn out to be a bomb. And not a smoke bomb.

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