Loveland mayor files lawsuit against councilman, citizen during meeting

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LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) — The mayor in one city says she’s had enough of the drama. Loveland Mayor Jacki Marsh is serving a councilmember a lawsuit for defamation and slander. This all coming after what she says are years worth of intimidation.

Loveland city Councilman John Fogle was hit with a lawsuit after the mayor said she believes he and others are trying to intimidate her.

“Bully is probably a good term. There’s been a lot of attempts to shut me down, to stop my questions, to (in my opinion) keep me from doing my job,” Marsh said.

The mayor said she is bringing the lawsuit now to put an end to claims that she misused her position to get work done around her house.

“Never, ever, ever did I use my position to get special treatment from anyone,” Marsh told FOX31.

The suit is aimed at Fogle and a citizen named Shaun Adams. The mayor wants to get to the bottom of who’s been making claims about her on the internet.

“I’m hoping that through depositions, we’re going to find out the identity of this fake account. He goes by the name of Steve Austin. He or she. Who knows what it is? I suspect it’s an account that several people use,” Marsh said.

Her move comes as the deadline for candidates to file for the mayoral position approaches on Monday. She said the behavior playing out beyond the chambers has her worried about the race.

“You have all this escalating, mean-spirited, ugly things being said about us, and my concern is people aren’t going to run for office,” Marsh said.

Some of that ugliness played out during our interview with the mayor. She had to call the police after a man came up and insulted her and called for her impeachment.

“I think that what happens when you rile people up, it may not be the person that’s verbally attacking you, but you upset someone else. You put a target on our backs,” Marsh said.

We reached out to Fogle and he told us he cannot comment on the lawsuit until his legal council is in place. The mayor hopes this situation will be settled by Election Day. As for if she’ll run for reelection, she says she is still weighing her decision.

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