LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) — Last month, 14 teachers left campus during a shooting threat investigation at Loveland High School.

Parents confronted Thompson School District leaders Thursday night over the confusion and asked, “What is being done to fix communication?”

The school district said that a broad threat of violence against a school in Loveland and the events of a school shooting in Nashville just two days before, were the reasons given to parents why the events happened at Loveland High School.

Parents shared their experiences of that day and frustration with communication when students were left searching for any direction amid the chaos and a perceived threat.

The incident led to Loveland High School Principal, Michael James, being placed on leave.

James has since returned to his job and offered an apology to parents.

“(I) truly apologize to all of you for the chaos,” James said, “the confusion and the frustration that my actions may have caused from this incident.”

School officials repeatedly called the incident a learning experience at Thursday’s meeting. They promised to gather input from parents, staff and students on how to improve communication on their plans during an emergency going forward.