LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) — An investigative journalist says she was assaulted by Loveland’s city manager — and it was caught on camera.

City Manager Stephen Adams was charged with harassment but then entered a diversion agreement. The city’s mayor is now making a new motion for city council to take up in hope of some more accountability.

‘He just, out of nowhere, shoulder-checked me’

The city manager and victim in this case say this particular incident is just one in a pattern of problematic behavior.

“For the past eight months, I haven’t been able to talk about the facts or the evidence out of respect for the judicial process and for Mr. Adams’ due process rights. So now that all of the case has been resolved, and the evidence has been released, I thought it was time that the community understands exactly what had happened,” Stacy Lynne explained.

Lynne has been an investigative journalist for 16 years. Earlier this year, she encountered an unfortunate first.

“Nothing, nothing like this. No physical interactions, no assaults, no harassment to this level — not in 16 years,” Lynne said.

Lynne is referring to an incident she and another bystander captured on camera following the city’s loss in a case they brought against Mayor Jacki Marsh over access to public records. Lynne said she was recording a group of city workers after the decision was handed down.

“City Manager Steve Adams just, he increased his rate of walking and then hit me with his shoulder and it happened so fast, I didn’t have time to put my camera on it. I wasn’t expecting it, I didn’t have time to brace. He just, out of nowhere, shoulder-checked me, and I was shocked,” Lynne said.

Mayor considers suspension with pay

“The city manager is the most powerful person in the city. We are a strong city manager, so it’s a weak-mayor government. We act as a body of nine people, and the city manager has a lot of clout,” Marsh said.

Marsh said, originally, a review of the city manager’s performance and criminal charge of harassment was scheduled to take place on Tuesday but was delayed until next month. With the city manager in October entering into an agreement designed to give first-time offenders a second chance, the mayor put a motion forward to suspend the manager with pay until the council can talk about it.

“Waiting even until Nov. 15 is, you know, some people would say that’s OK and then others would say it’s not. But to delay it again until Dec. 20, then what if that meeting runs long? Some on council want to see this delayed, so suspension with pay, in my opinion, is the correct path to go,” Marsh said.

The mayor knows some council members may not support her in her move to suspend the city manager with pay, but she believes it’s the right thing to do. FOX31 did reach out to the city manager for comment but has not heard back from him.