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LOUISVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) — Nearly 1,000 structures were destroyed by the Marshall Fire in Louisville, Superior and unincorporated Boulder County and as the people who are now displaced look to rebuild, there is at least one thing they can count on – the United States Postal Service.

Mail service was disrupted by the fire, but workers at the Louisville post office came up with a creative solution: start boxes for each address as if the resident were on vacation.

“Our employees are here, we have some volunteers here. As you can see, we have these temporary cases set up for the homes that are either not accessible or the homes that have been destroyed,” USPS spokesman James Boxrud said.

That’s right, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers – and now in Boulder County, they can add fire to that list.

“There’s just so much mail,” Boxrud said. “It’s a holiday weekend anyway, so that’s why we brought people in starting on Sunday to go ahead and get caught up, so it’s not so crazy. I mean, we’ve got enough craziness going on here.”

And while getting the mail may seem mundane to some, Boxrud said there have been people in tears as they pick up what’s waiting for them.

“A customer came in to pick up his mail, he showed his ID. The (worker) went back, got his mail – I think it was from his son – handed it to the customer, and the customer looked down and started tearing up. He said, ‘This is all I own. This is it.’ So some major devastation.”

If you’re displaced by the fire, Boxrud said you will need an ID to pick up your mail. You can also fill out a change of address form while at the post office or on