LOUISVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) — The owner of a pet store in Louisville was honored for her contribution to the relief effort after the Marshall Fire.

Bernadette Pflug offered her business to search and rescue teams which helped keep service animals safe.

On Monday, she was recognized by Boulder County’s sheriff for allowing search and rescue dogs to be decontaminated at her store.

“These search and rescue dogs, people underestimate the intelligence of dogs,” Pflug said. “I don’t think that we did anything that anybody else wouldn’t have done.”

She and her staff were able to get several dogs out of her store as flames ripped through the shopping center where it’s located.

“I pulled into our store and told everyone we had to evacuate, grab all the dogs, let’s put them in our cars and take them out to our home,” Pflug said.

Security cameras caught images of smoke pouring into her store as the flames got closer. Thankfully for her, the store was spared from the fire.

“Huge, huge sigh of relief about how incredibly blessed we were,” Pflug said.

Since it wasn’t damaged, Pflug opened her store to search and rescue teams.

“We just gave them complete access to our facility to use it as much as they needed or wanted,” Pflug said.

At her store, search and rescue dogs were decontaminated from ash and chemicals they carried after searching through burned homes.

“We want these dogs to be clean and healthy and be able to go back to work the next day. They are amazing dogs,” Pflug said.