DENVER (KDVR) — A Florida dog is back home safe after a wild adventure on Colorado’s Eastern Plains.

Tyler Goldsmith told FOX31 he was driving from Oregon to Florida in August when he fell asleep behind the wheel, wrecking his car on Interstate 70 near Limon. Goldsmith was airlifted to the hospital and said his dog, Radar, was placed into a police car and taken to Limon.

“When he got to Limon, the cops were trying to transfer him over to another police officer to get him to the pound, and that’s when he escaped,” Goldsmith said. 

Goldsmith was released from the hospital five days later and said he immediately went back to Limon to search for Radar. After days of searching, he made the difficult decision to return to Florida to recover from the accident.

“I was devastated to leave,” he said. “I felt so lost. That was a heartbreaking moment.”

A German shepherd dog
Radar escaped from police after he was in a serious crash on Interstate 70 near Limon. (Credit: Tyler Goldsmith)

Lost and found pets on I-70? There’s a group for that

That’s when a group in Limon heard about the crash through their Facebook group, called “i70 Corridor Lost & Found Pets, Eastern CO.”

“We knew immediately we were the ones that were going to need to get on this dog,” Karen Storie said. 

Storie and a group spent the next few weeks tracking the dog, waiting for him to settle down in an area where they could capture him.

A month after the crash, Radar finally started returning to a farm property 25 miles north of Limon. Last Tuesday, they made the catch.

“The minute I saw him on the trail cam at 1:30 (in the morning), I hopped out of bed and started getting dressed, because I knew he was going to go in the trap,” Storie said.

Storie cared for Radar for a few days before hiring a private company to drive him back to Florida. The group is hoping to recover some of the costs associated with the capture and transfer. If you’d like to help, you can do so here.

Radar returned to his home over the weekend. Goldsmith said he’s forever grateful for their work and shared a video of Radar ecstatically wagging and jumping inside his Florida home.

“It’s pretty emotional for everybody involved,” Storie said.