DENVER (KDVR) — Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and Lynda Zamora Wilson will receive funds not spent after an election recount was conducted by all 64 counties.

Peters, a Republican, requested a recount in her primary run for secretary of state and provided $255,912.33, which was put in escrow.

Zamora Wilson paid $20,819.87 for a recount of the Republican primary race for state Senate District 9, which was also put in escrow.

Peters, who was indicted in an election tampering investigation, lost to Pam Anderson in the Republican primary for secretary of state. Following the recount, the secretary of state’s office said $137,283.28 was not used and will be refunded to Peters.

Senate Minority Whip Paul Lundeen beat Zamora Wilson in the Colorado Senate race, and $15,058.95 of unused funds will be returned to Zamora Wilson after the recount was completed.

Tina Peters’ woes as Mesa County clerk

Peters was under investigation over an alleged election security breach and eventually was indicted by a grand jury in March.

Mesa County Deputy Clerk Belinda Knisley was also indicted by the grand jury over her alleged involvement but has agreed to testify against Peters after both were arrested and released on bond.

Democratic incumbent Secretary of State Jena Griswold successfully sued to have Peters and Knisley prohibited from administering the November midterm election. Peters denied any wrongdoing.

Following Peters’ initial arrest, she violated her bond twice and was subsequently arrested both times. She posted bail and was released.

Peters’ election issues were brought to Griswold’s attention when a secure specific password for Mesa County election systems was posted online in August 2021.