DENVER (KDVR) — Fans from all over the state are coming together to cheer on the Denver Nuggets. But one fan stands out from the rest. 

For the entire season, Alberto Portalatin has dressed up as the Joker for every game. 

“I’m from Puerto Rico. We’re known to be loud, so I always like to cheer up the fans,” Portalatin said. “I noticed when I have the suit, everyone will stand up, cheer up. Kids will come by and take pictures, so it just kind of became a tradition to dress up for every game.” 

Portalatin said he was stationed for the military in Fort Carson back in 1987. 

“Once I got to Colorado I fell in love with the Nuggets,” Portalatin said. 

He’s been a loyal fan for years. This season, he started a new tradition inspired by his favorite player, Nikola Jokic.

“The Joker is my favorite player,” Portalatin said. “I just like the fact that he’s a very humble person. He’s the kind of guy that gives credit to everyone. He’s not all about him. He’s all about the team.”

With some help from his talented daughter, Portalatin said he spends about 45 minutes just doing the make-up before every game and every watch party. 

“I love dressing as the Joker a lot for the kids,” Portalatin said. “The kids come in and they love taking pictures, and just putting that smile on their face makes me feel pretty good”

It’s a tradition he said he plans to continue. 

“I have met a lot of friends from the game that we are friends outside the games now because of the Nuggets. It’s more like a family,” Portalatin said. “The Joker is here to stay.” 

Portalatin said he will be at Ball Arena in Denver for Game 5 on Monday hyping up the fans and cheering on his favorite team.