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LONGMONT, Colo. (KDVR) — A woman has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of a postal worker in Longmont.

The man’s ex-girlfriend is now in jail and charged with first-degree murder.

Postal worker Jason Schaefer was delivering mail when he was shot and killed. His ex-girlfriend, Devan Schreiner, is now charged with killing him.

Court records show custody battle before Longmont postal worker’s shooting

Court records show a battle had been brewing between the two.

“Jason had filed documents to have parenting time modified” two days before the shooting, the arrest affidavit states.

“Devan was supposed to be served with the papers,” investigators said in the affidavit.

Investigators were told Devan had threatened Jason.

The two had worked together at the Longmont post office, but Schreiner was fired two weeks ago and began working as a mail carrier in Loveland.

She was on duty the day of the shooting, but her mail truck was not moved for hours.

Schreiner was supposed to have a first appearance before a judge Thursday. That appearance was rescheduled for next week.

Neighbors remember mail carrier at growing memorial

A memorial is growing now where the mailman was shot and killed. Collete Larson made flowers for that mailman and the neighbors who tried to save him.

“I just know they are heartbroken and feeling that trauma hard this morning still,” Larson said.

On Thursday, 47 mail trucks led a procession to help remember their fellow worker.

Late Thursday afternoon, people who told us they were relatives sat in front of the mailboxes, at times touching them. They did not say how they were related to either the mailman or the suspect.

Helen and Marion Herman were part of the victim‘s daily mail route.

“Just offering our thoughts, our prayers, our condolences to the family. Asking for God to just bring them peace and comfort in this difficult time,” Helen said.