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LONGMONT — Quick-thinking police officers in Longmont are being credited with saving three lives in just five days.

One officer said he’s used the opiate reversal drug to save several lives.

If there’s anyone who knows about how to use naloxone, commonly known by the brand name “Narcan,” in Longmont, it’s officer Walter Arvisais.

Arvisais saved a 34-year-old woman’s life six days ago with a dose of the opiate reversal drug naloxone.

“She was laying in the hallway up against a wall with her head in an awkward position which tells you she likely collapsed in that position,” said Arvisais.

The woman was barely breathing, but she sprang back to life after he administered the nasal spray.

It’s designed to be used on people who have overdosed on opiates like heroine, fentanyl and prescription pain medication.

In the past three years, the Longmont Police Department said its officers, along with fire and EMS crews, have saved 89 lives.

Longmont Police Deputy Chief of Police Jeff Satur said officers can go to the scene and believe people to be dead, but naloxone can revive them.

“It’s truly an incredible drug,” he said.

What caused the recent uptick in overdoses is not clear.

Arvisais alone has used it to save the lives of 5 people, and he has another dose in his pocket, ready to save another life.