Longmont church member accuses pastor of stalking, sexual harassment

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LONGMONT, Colo. — A Longmont-area pastor appeared in civil court on a restraining order this week; accused of sexually assaulting, harassing, and stalking a much younger, former member of his church.

On Tuesday, FOX31 was in the Boulder County courtroom when a judge approved the continuation and expansion of a restraining order against 51-year-old church leader, Nestor Villalobos.

State public records show he leads a church called Iglesia de Jesuscristo Palabra Miel on 9th Avenue in Longmont. The church’s YouTube channel showcases a large congregation cheering Villalobos on with confetti, music, and dancing.

According to an initial complaint from January, filed in conjunction with a temporary restraining order, a twenty-year-old woman swore, “Nestor V. is my pastor and he has been talking to me in a sexual matter (manner).”

The complaint also states, “I have been sexually harassed by Nestor V. I have ignored him and told him to leave me alone, but he keeps trying to make contact.”

Finally, the complainant alleges, “There was a time around October were (where) he grabbed my arm tight and I tried to pull away and he wouldn’t let me go.”

On Tuesday, Boulder County Judge David Archuleta had set a hearing in which the parishioner was petitioning to have the temporary restraining order converted to a permanent one.

Villalobos’ primary attorney did not appear, so the case was discussed, then moved to May 1st.

However, at the request of the alleged victim’s attorney, the court expanded the scope of the restraining order by allowingthe addition of two new elements: Stalking and Sexual Assault – beyond the original Unlawful Sexual Contact alleged in the January case filings.

FOX31 tried to discuss the allegations with Villalobos outside court, but he remained silent. Men, walking with him, told FOX31 “no comment.”

FOX31 spoke with the woman accusing her pastor of harassment, who declined at this time to be publicly identified.

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