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LONE TREE, Colo. — Lone Tree is lifting its ban on pit bulls after 15 years of prohibiting citizens from owning the breed.

The ban will officially lift on July 10, after a unanimous vote from Lone Tree’s city council during a meeting on Tuesday.

This follows the overturning of Denver’s 31 year-long ban on pit bulls in the 2020 election. Louisville is now the only municipality in the Denver metro to have a ban on pit bulls.

Lone Tree City Council justified their decision based on data from Lone Tree Police Department. The data showed pit bull bites were not more common than any other dog bite reported. According to Lone Tree City Council, the LTPD data also indicated the behavior of a dog was more likely attributed to the dog owner, and not the breed.

Even though it is now legal to own a pit bull in Lone Tree, renters should be aware that landlords still retain the right to refuse renters based on pets. If you plan to rent a new place this summer, always check to see whether your pet is welcome.