DENVER (KDVR) — For the first time, FOX31 is hearing from people who saw the shooting that injured five people outside a Denver bar over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the suspected shooter is still on the loose.

Andrew Reader was working security for a bar across the street when he said he heard gunshots. 

“I was standing right here and I heard six gunshots,” Reader said. “My initial reaction, my goal, was to get all these people to safety.”

One photo showing a woman in a long-sleeve black top, black shorts, black white and blue sneakers and with dark hair. A second photo showing the same woman pointing a gun while standing next to another person in long pants, a T shirt and a cap
This woman is wanted in a shooting on Sept. 16, 2023, in Lower Downtown. (Denver Police Department)

After LoDo shooting, bar shut down for the night

The shooting took place outside Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, located in the 1900 block of Market Street.

Police said a woman was denied entry to the bar after attempting to use an ID that wasn’t hers. A few moments later, police said she shot toward the bar as she left, injuring five people.

Reader said they rushed everyone inside toward the back of the bar and locked the doors.

“Once we deemed it safe and law enforcement was here, we closed and everyone exited towards the back of the building instead of the front where the incident happened,” Reader said.

Security a priority for LoDo bar guards

Reader said they’re always vigilant when it comes to screenings for entry. 

“We wand people down, we pat people down to check for knives, guns, pepper spray, stuff like brass knuckles, batons,” Reader said.

Saturday night was a situation he said they never want to see, but it’s one they’re trained to handle.  

“You just got to go in and have an open mindset,” Reader said. “Anything and everything can happen and possibly will happen.”

Reader said they are in constant communication with other security in the area, especially when it comes to individuals who have been denied entry because of intoxication levels or other security concerns.