How to protect your stuff from thieves this summer

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LAKESIDE, Colo. (KDVR) — Local law enforcement is warning residents to be vigilant as crooks take advantage of this most recent heatwave.

Officers in Lakeside say criminals are taking advantage of “crimes of opportunity” during the day and overnight.

“They’re (criminals) still gonna be out there in the winter. They’re gonna be out there in the summer,” said motorcycle officer David Kornowski, who has been patrolling the streets for six years.

Kornowski said during his patrol, he doesn’t have to ride very far before he spots an open, unattended window or garage.

He said people more commonly leave vehicles unattended in the winter, but he’s starting to see it more often during the summer.

“If you go to the gas station, people are leaving their cars running while they go to run in to buy their lottery tickets … and their car’s gone,” Kornowski.

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