DENVER (KDVR) — March is National Women’s History Month, and on Tuesday FOX31 and Channel 2 introduced you to our first Remarkable Women of Denver finalist for 2023. These women were selected out of more than 400 nominations.

Meet Gina Schreck of Denver, a huge advocate for women in business.

“I’ve always loved helping women especially. Women who think it’s too late to do things,” Schreck said.

Schreck has a passion for helping women achieve their dreams.

“They feel like it’s too late in their life or they made mistakes,” Schreck said.

But Schreck said it never is, and she practices what she preaches. At 60 years old, Schreck built The Village Workspace.

“Here, what we do is help people get excited about their business,” Schreck said.

It’s a place for people to come together to network and get motivated.

“I think the only reason that we are bulging at the seams is because it’s never been about having offices, it’s about the people in here and we all help each other,” Schreck said.

At The Village Workspace, Schreck has a room for everything: a nap room, a breastfeeding room, a podcast room and conventional offices.

“The purpose is really to make people feel they belong here. They are not working at home, they are not isolated,” Schreck said.

Schreck said next time you think it’s too late to do something, don’t. Just start the project and work hard.

“We always say you can do hard things, and you just say ‘yes’ and do it. You can do bigger things than you think. I think of my younger self and I was afraid to start things. Now, I say just start, it doesn’t matter if you don’t finish, just start,” Schreck said.