DENVER (KDVR) — Local support for Ukraine has not gone unseen by Ukrainians who call Colorado home.

Supporters of the Ukrainian people, including some with ties to the country, were gathering at the Colorado Capitol on Friday evening for another demonstration.

Mariana and Olga have lived in the United States for more than 20 years.

“It’s absolutely horrible, I have no words to express the fear, the shock,” Mariana said.

Both asked not to be identified to protect their families back in Ukraine.

“I still have my mom living in Kyiv, 81 years old,” Mariana said. She said she speaks with her mother every day.

“I try to call her a few times a day using Facebook just to find out if she’s alive,” Mariana said.

Her mother, she said, can’t even fulfill everyday obligations because of the Russian invasion.

“The pharmacies are closed. She cannot get medication refills,” Mariana said.

Olga said her mother lives in the Ukrainian city of Lviv.

“I’m worried about her. She’s 84. She lives with her grandson who takes care of her, he’s 40 years old,” Olga said.

She’s worried about her mother but especially worried about her mother’s grandson, because no man between age 18-60 is allowed to leave the country.

“He’s like my son and if something happens with him, something will happen with my mom,” Olga said.

Despite the desperate situation, Mariana said Ukrainians are helping each other.

“People who own little kiosks with food or little stores give … the food for free,” Mariana said.

Both say they’re grateful for pro-Ukraine demonstrations in Denver but they’re asking Coloradans to be mindful of the information they consume on the subject of this war.

“There is lots of false information going from the Russian media and Belarus media,” Mariana said.

Colorado has one of the nation’s highest numbers of Ukraine-born population outside of major coastal immigration hubs, with more than around 17,100 in the state as of 2018.