DENVER (KDVR) — A local ski company is striving to be the world’s most eco-friendly by giving Colorado trees a second life.  

Meier Skis is off South Broadway in Denver with a motto of “handmade skis from Colorado trees.”  

“This is what we do. It’s not the easy way, but we think it’s the right way and you’ll feel it when you get on our skis,” said Michelle Kidd, Meier Skis marketing director. 

After starting in a garage in Glenwood Springs in 2009, they moved to Denver in 2016.  

“We have since moved to poplar, maple and then Colorado beetle kill pine,” said Kidd.

They are partners with the Colorado State Forest Service to sustainably harvest beetle kill pine.

“By removing that wood from the forest, we are helping mitigate forest fire risk and give a tree a second chance to return to the forest in the form of skis,” said Kidd.

First, they eliminated the binding plate.

“That maple has amazing binding retention. It’s a very hard dense wood, so it really increased the durability of the ski while still keeping the signature characteristics,” said Kidd.

Second, the epoxy is plant-based instead of bio-based.  

“It’s not going to have that terrible epoxy smell because it’s a more environmentally friendly product,” said Kidd.

Next, they use a clear top sheet instead of a sticker. 

“We also use less ink over the course of building the ski with this clear top sheet. Ink is not environmentally friendly, so we really try to minimize the impact,” said Kidd.

Fourth, they support local businesses while recycling.

“We have a great partner just up the road that prints our graphics on a sublimation paper. We lift the ink off of that paper onto our textured nylon top sheet and then we use that sublimation paper as packing material,” said Kidd. 

And for shipping, they have eliminated 12 feet of single-use plastic per pair.

“We’ve replaced it with a small adhesive band that doesn’t leave residue on the base,” said Kidd.

And if that isn’t enough, you can even customize your very own pair.

“It involves my dog on this, and this peak and my hometown icon, and we can make that happen,” said Kidd.

The skis are one of a kind, eco-friendly, and you can even get in on all the action as they do tours of the factory. While you take a tour, you can also get a drink at their bar in the front and shop for new gear. 

And your money doesn’t stop here – for every ski or snowboard purchased, a sapling will be planted on the land most severely impacted by wildfires through Restore Colorado’s Forest Fund.