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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A local real estate agent is stepping up to raise money for three siblings after their mother died in a car crash just days after their house was sold.

Liya Taylor was a single mother who adored her three children: Chantie, Niqia and Sean. She worked long hours while attending school to build a good life for her kids.

Liya was Donel and Charlene Taylor’s only daughter.

“Liya, I call her my baby. She is our baby. I was always so proud of her,” Charlene Taylor said.

 “My mom came to all our school events,” Chantie said.

“We used to always play board games, we have like 20-something Monopolies. We always used to play together,” Niqia said.

The family was about to start an exciting new chapter in a new home. But on the afternoon of June 23, everything changed. Liya was involved in a head-on crash at North Peoria Street and East 33rd Avenue.

“That call from the officer completely rocked our world,” Chantie said.

“He said that she is no longer with us and that was so hard to take,” Donel Taylor said.

On top of the grief, the children are now facing the stress of finding a new place to live.

Liya sold her home on June 12 and asked the buyers if they could stay in their home until they closed on their new house on June 30.

With Liya’s death, the new home is no longer an option. The children’s grandparents don’t have space in their home and tried to apply for a loan for the house they planned to move into, but did not qualify.

“They asked us if we can qualify and we’re not making enough. It makes me feel shame because we’re not making enough,” Charlene Taylor said.

That’s when Liya’s real estate agent stepped in. She talked to the new buyer and asked to push back their move-in date to the end of July so she could have time to start a fundraiser. 

“The end goal here is to purchase them a house with cash. However, that has to happen in the next four weeks. We’re really looking for community leaders, home builders, lenders – anyone with resources and a heart to reach out and offer assistance,” Rachel Kennedy, associate broker at Compass said.

Kennedy is determined to help keep the siblings all under one new roof with their grandparents. She is hoping the community will join in to help turn her goal into a reality.

“My goal is to let them honor and grieve Liya, and not have to stress about, ‘Where are we going to live?’” she said.

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