DENVER (KDVR) — A local Palestinian-American family in Lone Tree has had to continue to watch and learn as dozens of family members have been killed since the start of the Israel-Hamas war.

“I’ve lost 47 people in Gaza so far,” Nadia Hammad, a local Palestinian-American told FOX31 Saturday.

Hammad and her family, along with hundreds of others, met outside the Colorado State Capitol Saturday for a Palestinian protest.

“My biggest reason in doing this is to ask for a ceasefire,” Hammad said. “It’s for these women and these kids, this is not their fault, they are just collateral damage.”

Hammad said a portion of her family, a total of 17 family members, were all killed at the same time.

“It was one huge building and everyone went down,” Hammad said. “It was all women and children.”

She has been staying in touch with family there the best she can. She said they are now trying to locate an additional 24 missing members of her family.

“I really hope they aren’t in the rubble and maybe they just don’t have any way to contact people,” Hammad said.

She said her family there has been reaching out to those in the United States to help get information and try and find aid in Gaza.

“They are coming to us ’cause they have no functioning government to tell them what to do,” Hammad said.

She said it’s hard to see generations of her family wiped out in a matter of weeks.

“Forget about the politics, we are suffering as humans, as women, as children,” Hammad said. “It is close to wiping out my entire family tree, my fear is now all we’re looking for is who is left.”