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DENVER (KDVR) — Sunday was the first full day Denver and surrounding areas had mask requirements lifted for fully vaccinated people, allowing them to go mask free while inside public places.

Business owners are still able to enforce the mask rule however, if they feel uncomfortable letting customers inside without a mask.

“It definitely came as a shock to me and my staff,” said Francisco Echevarrin, manager of Leevers Locavore grocery store. “We thought the decision was a little rushed.”

It’s business as usual at Leevers Locavore. Masks are still required for all customers while shopping to protect staff.

“We are almost at the finish line and I don’t want all our work to be for nothing,” said Echevarrin. “We are probably only about a month or two away from being able to take it all off.”

For other business owners, the announcement from Denver officials and the CDC, couldn’t be more welcomed. 

“It’s just been so great to see everyone’s full faces today and smiles,” said Autumn Brown, manager of Pig and Sprout restaurant. “It made today so great, I love it.”

Masks at Pig and Sprout, like many other businesses in Denver, are officially optional for fully vaccinated people. It’s been certainly a strange sight for staff and customers to walk into.

“It was a little shocking for me, jaw dropping, because it’s been so long,” said Brown. “To hit this mark is very cool, a little crazy, and will definitely take some getting used to.”

Most businesses following the new CDC guidelines are not asking customers for proof of their vaccinations before letting them take off their masks, relying on the honor system.