GREELEY, Colo. (KDVR) – The family of a woman killed in Greeley on Friday night is speaking out, saying that she was a joy in their lives.

It’s an unimaginable loss for the family of 22-year-old Angie Vega who was assaulted and murdered Friday night.

She was attacked while closing down the shop where she worked. Her body was found inside of her car a few hours later when police located her vehicle down the road at a gas station.

Angelica Vega, Angie to those who were close to her, was someone who spread joy. She was a foodie who loved to cook and loved dancing.

“She would do whatever she could to make you smile,” her mother, Virginia Barragan, said.

Her family told FOX31 that she was passionate about her job at NOCO Nutrition, as well as spreading joy through the inspirational quotes she left on customers’ cups. She would write things like, “you got this,” “have a wonderful day,” and “you’re courageous, you’re brave, you’re strong, and I believe in you.”

“That quote that was on that cup was exactly what I needed, so I know exactly how a lot of the clients felt because we all got those quotes. She would bring us drinks to the house, and that’s what we needed for that day,” Barragan said.

That joy is what her family members said they’ll miss the most. Barragan said she’ll miss her daughter’s willingness to always give herself to make sure that everybody else was OK.

”My sister was in inspiration because even if you made her the most mad in the world, I don’t know how she did it, but a few minutes later everything would be fine,” Angie’s brother, Angel Diaz, said.

Her mother said she has a message for the precious value of life, to live like Angie did.

“Overall, life is a beautiful place, try to encourage each other and not bring each others down. Live like there’s no tomorrow.”