LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — A Littleton man is hoping to track down two heroes he credits for saving his life after having a seizure in a local gym hot tub 10 days ago.

The incident happened on Mother’s Day around 5:30 p.m. at the Chuze Fitness jacuzzi. Chip Hart told FOX31 he wants to do more than thank his heroes on TV for saving his life. He hopes his story can help track them down so he can share that gratitude in person.

“It’s been an emotional week,” Hart said. “I am just glad to feel alive.”

Hart has epilepsy and has a special implant that’s helped him avoid seizures for several years. However, on Mother’s Day evening while wrapping up a relaxing jacuzzi dip at his gym, his head started to turn and his body quickly went stiff.

“This is the scariest seizure that I’ve had. I’ve dealt with them for 40 years all my life,” Hart said. “I had enough time to tell myself, ‘oh crud,’ but I knew I didn’t have enough time to do anything, by then it had my body.”

Hart said he was going unconscious while falling back into the jacuzzi. 

“I fell back around in a 180 and fell into a three-foot jacuzzi face down,” Hart said. “I wasn’t coming back up.”

Hart has since learned why he’s still here to share this story.

“Luckily for me, within six seconds of this seizure starting that lasted four minutes, a man who’s unknown jumped into the hot tub,” Hart said. “Quick reactions, no thinking like grabbed me in six seconds, he had me out within 26 seconds and he stayed with me the whole time.”

Hart learned another stranger called 911 at the same time.

“That showed me, you know, there’s still great people out there, nice people, loving people, caring people and I just I can’t get over how fast they reacted,” Hart said. “I just want to thank them in person. This is the closest I’ve been to death, with me not returning.”

Hart hopes to thank these strangers in person for saving his life and appreciates anyone who could help connect him to his heroes who saved him at the Littleton Chuze Fitness.