LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) – Growing up, many kids had that special toy that just sticks in their memory above the rest.

One Littleton woman found a lost stuffed lamb in the road and wants to make sure it gets back to its proper home.   

Stephanie Schmalz said she saw the stuffed lamb fly off the roof of a car or out the window while she was driving in Littleton. 

When she got close, she realized it was a stuffed toy and decided to turn around and take it home. She nick-named it Lamby.  

She took to social media posting Lamby’s picture and hoping to send Lamby back home. The problem is, she didn’t see the car it came out of but knew the car was heading west on Belleview east of Kipling around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday morning. 

She hopes sharing her story with us will get the word out.  

“Somebody’s kid is really sad right now and somebody’s mom’s not sleeping because the kid is sad and I’ve been there and I just wanted to help,” said Schmalz. “I mean, everybody was a kid at one time, and we all had a special stuffy or a special toy that was important to them. And when I saw it, I just, you know, I just need to do what I could to help get it back to its rightful owner.” 

If you’re missing Lamby give Schmalz a call at 303-570-6010.