DENVER (KDVR) — A Littleton family’s beloved cat was found in an unexpected place after a drywall installation sealed him into the wall Monday.

Schatzi McManus describes Ziggy the cat as “one in a million” for the support he’s provided to the family, including easing the burden of her husband’s PTSD from his time serving in the Marines and helping her with her hearing disorder.

A plea was sent out over social media on Monday to find Ziggy after the family realized he was missing.

McManus told FOX31 the family was worried all night thinking he had walked out of the door while contractors installing drywall in the home were working.

However, on Tuesday morning, McManus and her husband heard meowing coming from inside the wall. They soon realized Ziggy was actually stuck in the wall.

When they heard him meowing, McManus’ husband took a hammer and busted a hole in the wall for Ziggy to safely get out.

As for how this happened, McManus said she believes Ziggy crawled into the wall while contractors installing drywall in the home were at lunch and that they probably didn’t even know he was there.

A corroded pipe was ripped out this past weekend, and the contractors were putting up new drywall.

McManus said they have raised Ziggy since he was a kitten, and they are so glad he is OK.