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AURORA, Colo. — In our series “Little Miracle,” we have been sharing the story of an Aurora couple pursuing adoption halfway across the world.

Brent and Kelsey Harris had to leave their son at an orphanage in Armenia with only a promise they’d be back.

When the couple returned, the little boy seemed pleased his visitors were back.

Calvin had a huge smile on his face when the Harrises returned to the orphanage.

The couple spent an estimated 1,000 hours on paperwork to adopt Calvin.

After spending two weeks in Armenia on their second trip, it was finally time for the final court date and for Calvin to leave the orphanage for the first time ever.

That meant he would ride in a car for the first time.

“He just started watchin’. He was just interested in the world,” Brent Harris said.

While in Armenian court, the couple pleaded their case for hours before the adoption was finally approved. Calvin was theirs.

“All this work has finally come to the best result ever,” Brent Harris said.

After leaving the orphanage, they went to a hotel while they waited for the final step.

It was while tucking him in, they remembered something they say they’ll never forget.

“I remember the first time he called me Mom, and like, that was really special to me,” Kelsey Harris said while fighting back tears. “He was making his vow to us. Like, ‘You guys are here, right?’ Like, ‘You’re my mom and dad?'” Kelsey Harris said.

That was one of the many “firsts” to come.

Calvin had never been to a restaurant.

“He loved it!” Kelsey Harris said.

He sat for an hour and 45 minutes, eating most of the time.

The Harrises lived in their Armenian hotel room, waiting three weeks for Calvin’s US citizenship.

Once it came, it was time to bring Calvin home.

When their plane touched down in Denver, FOX31 was there.

“Cheers!  We made it!” Kelsey Harris said with a huge smile.

The new parents were eager to introduce Calvin to all things American.

“We’ll get you some McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, whatever you want,” Brent Harris told his new son while walking through the airport.

After 26 hours of grueling travel, Calvin was ready to go home.

The sweet three, as they call themselves, are making up for lost time now at their home in Aurora.

Brent and Kelsey Harris saved one of Calvin’s last firsts for a FOX31 crew to capture: seeing his new room.

“Calvin… this is your room! Those are your wheels on your car!” Kelsey Harris said.

Calvin was clearly elated.

The family was once separated by 6,571 miles. While they all have dwarfism — a medical condition that some may think would bring pain to their lives — their unity brings joy in its purest form.

The woman who had always wanted to be a mother got her chance to read the book she’d once only dreamed of reading: “Guess How Much I Love You”

“Little Nutbrown Hare  who was going to bed, held on tight…” Kelsey Harris read to Calvin.

One thing is abundantly clear: Calvin Harris is home.

GoFundMe: Positive Impact Fund

The Harris family started what they call a “Positive Impact Fund.” It’s a GoFundMe account with three goals: to improve conditions of orphanages in Armenia, to help orphaned children with dwarfism find homes and lastly, to help offset some of the expenses the Harrises incurred on their journey.