Little Miracle: Aurora couple shares arduous journey of adopting Armenian toddler

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AURORA, Colo. — Monday night, we introduced you to an Aurora couple on a worldwide mission.

Brent and Kelsey Harris are little people with big dreams of adding another person with dwarfism to their family.

In part 2 of our series “Little Miracle,” we show you the first time they set eyes on the little boy they could one day call their son.

“Since he’s been in the orphanage, he hasn’t left. So from 2 months old till 2 1/2 years old, he’s only known the world that’s the orphanage,” Brent Harris said.

Calvin has never even had a visitor until he met the Harrises.

“Our agent on the ground in Armenia led us down the hall and she was like, ‘Your son’s in here,'” Brent Harris said.

At first, Calvin was scared.

“A little bit of Lego goes a long way,” Brent Harris said.

Seeing the toddler they had traveled halfway around the world to meet probably wasn’t unlike when many fathers see their son for the first time.

“Looked at his hands and made sure there was 10 fingers and 10 toes,” Brent Harris said.

“We knew when we first saw him, like, this is the best day and the first day of the rest of our lives as a family of three,” Kelsey Harris said.

All of those parent firsts, happening in minutes: hearing Calvin’s voice, looking at his eye color, watching him walk, listening to giggles erupt.

“Oh my gosh, he’s got the cutest laugh in the world!” Kelsey Harris said.

“He’s a natural entertainer. He wants to make the whole room laugh and he’s just having fun,” Brent Harris said.

“I’ll never forget too, when Brent was holding him, and…he put his head right on your shoulder, and that’s when we knew everything’s going to work out,” Kelsey Harris said.

The couple chose the name Calvin-Davit for the little boy they felt was destined to be their son.

After nine full days at the orphanage, it was time to leave.

“We were both just broken, just leaving him behind,” Kelsey Harris said.

Not knowing the next time they’d see Calvin, they left him a picture.

“On the back, we wrote in translated Armenian, ‘Mama and Papa love you very much and will be back very soon,'” Brent Harris said.

As they pulled away, a good omen: “It was cloudy and foggy the whole nine days we were there, and Mount Ararat just looms over Yereven. We didn’t see it the whole nine days, until we drove away from the orphanage,” Brent Harris said.

They left America as a married couple and returned as parents.

They anxiously awaited news of a return date from the Armenian government.

They masked their impatience while keeping busy getting their home toddler-ready.

They placed one small bed in their room in case Calvin gets scared, and a big race car bed in another room.

They gathered tons of toys and books in anticipation of Calvin’s arrival.

Kelsey was already anticipating the first bedtime story.

“I think it’s going to be this one, right here: ‘Guess How Much I Love You.'”

After three long months, the call came with approval from Armenia to return for a final court date.

“I was like, ‘Oh my Gosh.’ I remember crying and screaming. She was like, ‘Woah, lady, woah!'” Kelsey Harris recalled.

The couple had one week to get everyone packed, including Calvin, since he would be leaving the orphanage in only his diaper.

They were ready to move a mountain as big as Mount Ararat, if that’s what it took to bring Calvin home.

Coming up Wednesday night on our series “Little Miracle,” we will share the final part of the couple’s journey to bring Calvin home.

GoFundMe: Positive Impact Fund

The Harris family started what they call a “Positive Impact Fund.” It’s a GoFundMe account with three goals: to improve conditions of orphanages in Armenia, to help orphaned children with dwarfism find homes and lastly, to help offset some of the expenses the Harrises incurred on their journey.

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