DENVER (KDVR) — Team USA is getting ready for the knockout round of the Women’s World Cup this weekend and that includes Colorado’s own Lindsey Horan. 

Years before Horan was scoring on the world’s biggest soccer stage as the team captain, she was a youth soccer star in Colorado. 

FOX31 caught up with her former club, Colorado Rush, and found some of her biggest fans. 

Coaches at the Rush said there was always something special about Horan and her love for the sport. The club has watched her rise into a highly accomplished professional and has become the premiere role model for the next generation of pro athletes.   

“If a player like Lindsey Horan can come back and sit there and chat to you, I think that speaks volumes for what is an elite player. It’s someone that’s humble, and hardworking and committed and you know, always sacrificing to practice that craft, and stay connected to younger players,” coach Russell Finch said.  

Finch said Horan visits the club when she’s in Colorado and the players love the opportunity to chat and hear from one of their idols.