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LINCOLN COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — When Tristin Ensinger took his own life May 20 after shooting Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hutton, the 25-year old may have avoided a homicide arrest in Ohio.

The Problem Solvers have learned Ensinger was the lead suspect in the murder of Timothy Frame of Beasville, Ohio. The 39-year-old was found shot to death in his own home on May 18, just two days before Ensinger showed up in Colorado.

Deputy Hutton was shot three times while answering a call about a burglary of a semi-trailer just outside the town of Hugo.

Hutton was released from Swedish Medical Center on May 25. 

Ensinger’s body was found in a field hours after Hutton was shot.

Investigators say it appears Ensinger used the same handgun to shoot himself that was used to shoot Hutton.

After the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio received a death notification about Ensinger from the Lincoln County Coroner, Ohio detectives began piecing together evidence from their homicide case in Beasville.

Witnesses had identified Ensinger as the man who had been seen walking near Frame’s property before the murder.

Two Monroe County Detectives flew to Colorado and obtained a search warrant for Ensinger’s car. Inside the vehicle, detectives found evidence that placed Ensinger at the homicide scene and indicated that Ensinger was the shooter.

Detectives haven’t been able to establish a motive for Frame’s murder but say more evidence is being analyzed.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office told FOX31 that Ensinger was suffering from mental illness and drug abuse.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement to FOX31 about the recovery of Deputy Hutton and his connection to the homicide case in Ohio:

Our reaction is that of heartache. Heartache for everyone grieving today. Deputy Hutton is making remarkable steps! Deputy Hutton audaciously faces his recovery with optimism and grace each day. Deputy Hutton epitomizes a Deputy Sheriff. Deputy Hutton is facing a few weeks of recovery and healing, but is relentless in his journey to be back as soon as possible. He and his family are thankful to all that have shown him support and love over the past 10 days, and is looking forward to getting back in uniform and serving and protecting the community of Lincoln County!