Limited lunchroom options begin in Cherry Creek School District

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DENVER — Starting Monday students at Cherry Creek Schools will have fewer options in the lunchroom.

This is part of the nationwide supply chain shortage that is affecting the whole country. 

FOX Business calls it the latest phase of a supply chain crisis that’s gripped the U.S economy for months. 

As students are coming back from fall break on Monday, Oct. 25 they will see a limited menu in the cafeteria.  

The Cherry Creek School District told us two weeks ago to prepare for these changes.

Fruit and vegetable selections will be reduced to two options of each daily rather than three.

Also, their bakery operation will increase the production of breakfast items to compensate for the breakfast food shortage. 

Entrée options at the middle and high school level will be reduced to maximize the efficiency of the limited staff at each location and they say menus may change with very short notice. 

The district said a vegetarian option will still be available every day and students with allergies will be alerted of changes that impact them through the school nurse.  Students will be able to purchase second entrées at all levels as the supply chain allows.  

In a recent School Nutrition Association Survey, 97% of school nutrition leaders were concerned about continued supply chain issues; 90% were concerned about staff shortages. 

As school meal programs face food shortages and staggering supply delays, officials could be forced to limit the choices students have for breakfast and lunch.

In schools across the country, meal program directors have found creative ways to make up for missed food deliveries.

In September, the USDA allocated $1.5 billion to help struggling school meal programs.

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