Light it or leave it: Which fireworks are illegal in Colorado?

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DENVER (KDVR) — Fans of fireworks are getting ready for Fourth of July celebrations this Sunday, and while many plan to light the sky up, it’s important to know that many types of fireworks are illegal in Colorado. What you do not know could cost $750 in fines and a year in county jail.

Aeron Calkins loved fireworks as a kid. He still does. That’s why he’s been selling them for over 28 years in Colorado.

He has seen fireworks laws come and go, and will be the first to tell his customers how to follow the laws.

“I’m going to tell them, ‘Hey, you are going to want to try these new fireworks that are Colorado legal,'” he told the Problem Solvers.

So what is considered a Colorado legal firework? 

”Legal is anything that doesn’t leave the ground, meaning you can light it, it’s going to spray up, it’s going to go fairly decent high, but it has multiple effects and nothing is going to go straight up in the air,” Calkins said.

So, what is illegal in Colorado? 

“A rocket, leaves the ground goes way up in the air and explodes – illegal. Fire crackers they explode – illegal. Aerials, light one fuse, 100 feet up in the air it explodes – illegal,” said Calkins. 

Calkins says to check with your local government on what they say is OK.

“We are regulated by the Colorado Division of Fire Safety and they check every item. They come in and inspect constantly so we know that we are selling you a product that is legal in Colorado,” Calkins said.

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