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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Letecia Stauch, the stepmother accused of killing 11-year-old Gannon, was found competent to stand trial Tuesday.

The decision comes about a week before the one-year anniversary of Gannon’s reported disappearance.

“Speaking on behalf of the community and also family members, we want to get this case moving,” District Attorney Michael Allen said, adding, “We’re approaching a year since Gannon went missing and we want to get this case moving.” 

On Jan. 27, 2020, Stauch called the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and reported Gannon left their home near Colorado Springs and never returned. 

Police arrested Stauch March 2 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

They found Gannon’s body in Pace, Florida on March 18. 

Since March, Stauch has been held in the El Paso County Jail.

In September, state psychiatrists told the court Stauch is competent enough to stand trial but her attorneys asked for a second opinion.  

The second exam was scheduled for right before Halloween. Then, a coronavirus outbreak at the jail prompted a halt in visits. 

Stauch’s second mental competency evaluation was rescheduled for Dec. 22, with results expected in the courts by Jan. 2.

A judge scheduled Stauch’s preliminary hearing for March 11-12.

“We don’t intend to present the entirety of the case, but it will be enough to satisfy the probable cause requirements that the court needs to make,” Allen said, adding, “It will be a really good outline of the case but won’t necessarily cover every bit of evidence that we have in the case.”

Additionally, Stauch’s attorney told the judge Tuesday Letecia wants to request a conflict hearing.

“That’s really an issue between the defendant the defense attorneys and then the court to take up,” Allen said. 

The judge said Stauch will have to write him a letter to explain why there’s a conflict and why she would need new representation for her case before he considers taking action.

Allen also says prosecution has not engaged in any plea deals and he does not intend to do so.

“We’re going to present the best case we possibly can in this case and let the community decide once we get to a jury,” Allen said.