EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A jury may soon decide the fate of Letecia Stauch, a Colorado stepmother accused of killing her 11-year-old stepson Gannon.

Prosecutors started week five of the trial on Monday by calling up Kevin Clark, with the district attorney’s office, as the state’s final witness.

Clark testified to using surveillance and phone data to create a series of timelines for Stauch’s locations and conversations, both at the time of Gannon’s killing and in the days following.

Clark pointed to a period of time when Stauch wasn’t using her phone, referring to this behavior as “abnormal.”

“This was Monday, the 27th, late morning into early afternoon. It was about a four-hour period of no activity,” Clark said. 

According to Clark, it is believed Gannon was murdered Jan. 27, 2020, before his little sister got home from school.

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Letecia Stauch’s alleged Google searches revealed

Stauch entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. Clark said she constantly refers to herself as “I” in her text messages and never uses a different name or persona. 

In Stauch’s notes section of her cell phone, Clark said he uncovered a series of questions entered two days before Google searches looked up fake lie detector websites:

  • In the case involving missing child Gannon Stauch, do you intend on telling the truth?
  • In the case involving your stepson Gannon, did you inflict harm on him in any way?
  • Did you accidentally hurt him in a physical way?
  • Did you murder your stepson? 
  • Do you know personally who was involved with your stepson’s disappearance?

Stauch brings up being a stepparent in a text to her husband, Al Stauch, the day after Gannon’s reported disappearance. According to Clark, Stauch texted Al, “No one is ever supportive to stepparents, like they mean nothing, when I did beyond my part.”

Clark read a number of searches he said were traced to the phone Letecia Stauch had when she was arrested in South Carolina. He said searches included, “How long does a body decompose in a bag,” “Find people who want to go to jail,” “Casey Anthony” and  “face transplant.”

Once prosecutors rest their case, the defense has two doctors listed as potential witnesses. It is unclear if Letecia Stauch will testify.